The PSCH Mental Health Residential Continuum

Each individual served by the PSCH Mental Health Residential Continuum receives the appropriate level of supervision and services. The housing options offer on-site services and assistance accessing community-based health, mental health, educational, vocational and recreational services.

Community Residences located in Brooklyn and Queens provide 24-hour supervision for 14-44 men and women facing serious mental illness or mental illness and a co-occurring substance abuse disorder.

The Apartment Treatment Program located in Brooklyn and Queens provides shared living arrangements offering a degree of independence while continuing with necessary support services. Regularly scheduled case manager visits enable individuals to function and thrive in a community setting.

PSCH’s Supported Housing Program offers single and shared apartments in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Nassau and Suffolk Counties. As the most independent level in the PSCH residential continuum, Supported Housing offers support and opportunity to succeed in the community with a rental cost of 30 percent of an individual’s income.

For more information regarding referrals to Mental Health Residential Programs, call the PSCH Mental Health Intake Dept. at 917-563-3347 or email